Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hello from Northampton

And the journey continues...

After an absolutely terrific time in Stamford, we moved on Monday to Northamptonshire. We so enjoyed our time with the Stamford St. Martin's club, who are a young, very lively club, full of new ideas. We won't soon forget their farewell evening, a dinner full of games and surprises that included Eric dressing up like an 80s rock star and me applying makeup to a poor soul while I was blindfolded!

Monday was fairly low key. We had a pub lunch with our new Rotary hosts and then spent some time walking around the village of North Brington. We walked by Althorp, which was a childhood home of Princess Di's and visited the church that houses her family, the Spencer family's, crypt. That was truly fascinating to see.

Then on Tuesday we spent the first part of the day in court -- no, not for doing anything wrong -- to get a glimpse of the legal system and make some comparisons between ours and theirs. Then in the afternoon we visited their Closed Circuit TV headquarters, because CCTV is quite prevalent in the UK as a means for crime prevention and crime solving.

Wednesday was a vocational day for each of us, and I think we all truly enjoyed ourselves. I spent the day at the Northampton Chronicle & Echo where I talked with a number of folks and racked up some great ideas to take back with me to the States.

Then today, part of our group -- Colette and Eric -- headed with their hosts to Torquay, a coastal city in the southwestern portion of the country. Joe, Bill and I will follow with our hosts tomorrow. Torquay is the site of District 1070's annual conference. Our group will be presenting on Sunday, so please wish us luck!

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