Friday, September 26, 2008

And now some pics from Sleaford

Walking down Steep Hill in Lincoln. The hill is aptly named.

We visited Lincoln Cathedral, famous for its imp carved in stone among the Angel Choir. No one knows quite for sure why the imp is there. Regardless, there he is. Some of the others got some better shots of the imp. I wasn't using my good camera that day.

There's the imp on a table. He's become quite the mascot of the cathedral and the town.

Lincoln Cathedral was built at the end of the 11th century. It's a stunningly beautiful building. Some of The DaVinci Code was filmed there!

The original Norman Baptismal Font.

And now we transition to our day on the farm...

I think Colette dubbed herself the Straw Queen of Sleaford if I'm not mistaken.

Mary with corn.

Mary with baby cows.

Sleaford Rotarian Michael Brearley showed us around his farm Roxholme Estate. We tasted raw corn and sugar beat!

Airplanes and war history...

Our Sleaford friends took us to RAF Coningsby and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Visitors Centre, where various British WWII aircraft are on display. It was quite interesting.

Sleaford Club President Stephen Bath, some of our team and others from the Sleaford club listening to our guide.

A WWII plane.

Outside of Petwood Hotel, where we ate at Dambusters Bar, named for the WWII British Dam Buster planes that bombed Germany.

Tattershall Castle, built in 1432 by Ralph Cromwell (no relation to Oliver), who was Lord Treasurer of England. I think I'd like to have a castle. Nothing says you're somebody like a moat.

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