Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hello from Joe and Colette

Its Wednesday, Sept 17th and Joe and I are sitting together at Mike Kellett's house after an incredible meal of green mussels, prawns, and pork spare ribs with cider. What a treat! We've had a wonderful day of visiting Leicester and taking in the downtown museums and De Montorf University (Joe's vocational visit). Mary and I had the opportunity to visit a 1390's town hall which had a stage that Shakespear once visited. We were awestruck.

We also visited the famous Foxton Locks which were an intriguing series of small channels used to divert narrow boats from one canal to another.

I (colette) have to mention some incredible sights I saw near Holmes (my previous local) pertaining to the wetland fens on the landscape. This is an area comprised of rich peat soil that has been sinking for many years. The picture below show iron posts put into the ground in 1850 that were cover to the top. In the past 160 years the ground has sunk all the way down exposing 12 or so feet of post, really amazing.

The other pictures shows part of the fen wetland restoration project (yes that is phragmites!). Many wading birds, harriers, shrews, slugs, butterflies, and dragonflies are currently using the area.

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Penny said...

Looks like you are enjoying many experiences!