Wednesday, September 10, 2008

T minus three days

I can hardly believe it, but the time of departure is nearly upon us! It's hard for me to believe I just met my fellow team members at the end of May to start plotting and planning our trip together. Now four-ish months later, we are already a cohesive team with a plan for action and common goals. I can hardly wait for all that we're going to encounter while abroad!

I, like my teammates I feel sure, have been busy buying last minute travel essentials, doing laundry and packing my bags. It's been surreal this week saying goodbyes to the people I typically encounter on a regular basis. I've received so many "good lucks" and other well wishes, I know that we'll have a huge group of people wishing us the best and keeping us in their thoughts while we're away.

I can't express enough thanks to the Rotarians here in Sumter who have shown their support and have helped make this trip possible for me.

Well -- back to the getting ready and checking off of items on the seemingly never-ending to-do list!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure I sound like a scratched CD by now (lol), but I miss you already... Have an awesome experience!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the time for your trip is finally here. I remember how exciting and scary it was when I left for Western Australia in early 2007. My prayers are with you all for safe travels. You are about to embark on the experience of a lifetime. Take a moment now and then to just stop and experience whatever moment you happen to be in. I can't wait to read about your adventures on the blog!

Shannon Mewborn
GSE Western Australia 2007