Thursday, September 18, 2008

See I am working

I would like to introduce Inspector Bill Knopp of the Leicestershire Constabulary to you. His rank and agency would be similar to a Lt. in a county level agency. In England the Constabulary (Police Department) work for the "federal" government. There are no local or state level agencies just county level police agencies who have nationwide jursidiction. Had a great time @ his agency and learned that we have the same problems and concerns in both our agencies.

2 of Leicestershire's finest

That's right I was given a Bobbie Hat, no you cannot have it.


Sean said... ummm... I'll pay for your cookies if I can have the hat?
- Sean

BruceBruce said...

I knew you would get one Eric. Don't let Terry anywhere near it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.... It really looks like you are working hard!!! Glad to see you are enjoying yourself!!