Sunday, September 21, 2008

Final night at the deepings

Greetings from the Deepings, I started off the morning walking with my host family and Joe. Here are a few pictures of what I saw on the walk...

After our long walk we were treated to a "proper" full English breakfast prepared by my host Gordon and Elaine Wiggins:

Once we finished our breakfast I rested up for our big Croquet against Team Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We gave them a good fight but in the end we ended up losing, sorry to say.

After our defeat at Croquet, we were treated to scones prepared by Mary Martin. Again, no I will not bring you back any...

And congrats to the winners!!!!

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Penny said...

Dear Eric: I'm glad you had so much fun in "the deep" What does that mean? I'm sure any mervousness left at the sight of the good food.

I loved your pics and are looking forward to more information although I know that time is very valuable.