Sunday, September 28, 2008

Free Day !!!

While my teammates are trucking all around the UK today, I am enjoying my free day at my host's home. Now that I have a few spare minutes I figured I would share some more pics with you.

I spent Wednesday 9-24-08 with the Lincolnshire Constabulary (Police), my partner for the morning was PC Andy Jarvis (below) took me around to the Police Training Facility.

This is Chewy, short for Chubacca, who is a pup that is being raised at the dog training center in hopes to one day be a working police dog. The Lincolnshire Police raise their working dogs from pups. Handlers take their dogs home with them and many of them have 2 dogs assigned to them, one patrol & tracking (mostly Shepard's), the other is for drugs or explosives (mostly spaniels).

That's me, in one of Lincolnshire's fastest cars, a Subaru Impreza, fully equip with tag reader, camera, radar, CPU etc. PS the tag reader is in the back window and is tiny compared to the ones used in the states.

Moving on to Friday, I went to London and worked with Metropolitan Police. I went via train to St. Pancreas / Kings Cross station (London's version of Grand Central Station) and spent the day with one of their Counter-Terror officers who is stationed at the train station. We then went to New Scotland Yard (which is actually the name of a building, not a police force).

Tower bridge and a WWII ship

I then took a walk over to the National Police Memorial, this memorial is fortunately much, much smaller then the one in DC, being they have fewer officers killed. Underneath the stone shown below is a book behind glass that is open to the page that shows the names of the officers killed in the last few years.

And, on a much lighter note, the Stamford St. Martin's Rotary Club was very gracious in getting me a jelly donut so I felt like I was home. It was good, but I'm staying loyal to the Donut Man..

The team is headed off to our fifth home on Monday, below is a picture of Stamford which is the area that we have been staying in, very nice area. Cheers!!

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